PATH 1 — your basic introduction (revisit)

            What is the difference between Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism?

            What is the difference between the Mahanikai and the Thammayut (Dhammayutika)?

            The System of Pali Texts

            Precepts or Codes of Discipline

            The Thai System of Names and Ranks for Monks

            Speaking of Monks / Speaking with Monks (A Basic Guide)

            Some Basic Buddhist Principles (Lists and more lists)

            The Ordination Process

            Meditation Practices

            Thai Buddhist Psychology and Character Analysis

            Some Places to Practice Meditation in Thailand (a start)

            Some Prominent Buddhists

            Thai Buddhist Literature

            The Artistry of the Thai Buddha Image

            Lunar Time and Religious Observances

            Buddhist Celebrations

            Brahmanical Influence and The Erawan Shrine

            What happens when Disaster Strikes? (A Theodicy of Tragedy)

            Reincarnation and the Cultural Relativity of Sanity

            Western Scholarship in a Coconut Shell

            Trends, Tendencies and Developments


            Photo Gallery

            Recommended Reading List

            A Listing of Thai Temples


            PATH 2 — the open-ended dead end (no bottom line...)